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Related post: Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 05:13:48 EDT From: (Anonymous) Subject: How To Use Your Queer College Roommate 3-4CHAPTER THREE, in which the queer learns how the jock selected him and the jock teaches new lessons in respect and obedience to the queer Wes was gone when I woke up with a roaring hardon. The cumrag was still moist and sticking to my skin, pressed against my crotch in my zipped up jeans. I had slept all night with Wes's cum up against my balls. young nubile bbs I got out of bed swedish teen bbs not bothering to change. I wanted to feel his cumrag in my briefs all day. I was going to be late for my first bbs teen beamto class if I didnt hurry up. I jammed my sneaks on and pulled a japan thumbnails bbs shirt over my head and went to get my keys. On top of my desk was a typed school report with a note from Wes: xxx pussy bbs "DO THIS" scawled on a post-it in pencil. On the front page the prof had written "Unacceptable. Rewrite and retun by Friday." Friday! That was tomorrow! I stuffed the paper in my bookbag and rushed off to class. I was klass bbs forum hard all during class feeling Wes's cumrag in my pants and I could hardly concentrate on anything. I looked over the paper Wes had written. It was awful. I would have to go to the library and get a book to make it something like a real report.After class ran into Adrian. We were not exactly friends but we both upskirt board bbs came from the same town. Adrian was a year older and already a sophmore here. He was straight but he used to let guys blow him bbs little models free sometimes at school. I knew cause I was one of them. Only once. He stopped after he got a girlfriend. I guess he preferred regular pussy. I was surprised that he was talking to me. After I blew him he never even said hi. Adrian was over 6 feet tall and had a way of looking down at me, not just cause I was shorter, but bbs yoda real condescending. "I hear you got a star athlete for a roommate," he said with a smug smile. "Oh yeah--Wes," I said sounding as casual as I could with my dick rubbing against Wes's cumrag in my briefs. "Figures," said Adrian. "Wes has always chosen brainy roommates, he says an academic sex pic bbs links roommate keeps the room quiet for when he studies. Though I dont know when he has any time to study, playing sports all day free teen guestbook bbs and chasing pussy all night." rough extreme sex bbs "I thought roommates were paired by some administrator." "Wes is in good with the lady who is in charge of all that." He grinned. "I told him about you. But dont think youre going to get to suck his cock, faggot." He laughed and walked away. So Wes preeteen cp bbs had set the whole thing up ls toplist bbs from the beginning. And he used two other queers model girls bbs before me. I went kds ru bbs to the library so I could rewrite Wes's paper and spent the rest of the afternoon on it. I left the paper on Wes's desk and went back to start on my bbs teens under 16 schoolwork. I was at my desk when he came in from running. He was in shorts and a tank bbs teenz clip top with adidas sneaks, and nearly soaked with sweat. He didnt say anything, just went to his desk. I heard him cp bbs links rustling the papers I had left there but only for a second, just checking. Then I saw his wet tank top land on my bed. This was followed by the shorts. I turned my head. He was about to pull his jockstrap down but stopped abruptly. "What the fuck are you lookin at?" he demanded. I turned away, red in the face. Then the jockstrap flew thru the air and landed on the tank and shorts. I heard the door close. bbs index tgp He must have gone out to the shower in a towel. His adidas sneaks were on the floor along with his crumpled sweat socks. The room was full of the smell of his body models girl bbs odor. I went to my bed and picked ru angels bbs up his wet running clothes and held them up to my face to smell it close up. I sniffed his wet bbs porns jock, smelling the ball sweat in the pouch. Then I picked up his bbs kds pic running shorts and smelled where his ass crack had left a line of sweat. It was the sweet smell of lol galleries bbs jock butt that queers like. I was ready to bust again and I stroked in my pants and after just a few times the cumrag toons bbs children bbs guestbook in my briefs was wet again. I put the sweaty clothes in the laundry bag along with Wes's pussy bbs tgp jeans and tee from yesterday, then went to get his socks.The thick sweat socks were soaked too and again I smelled the dirty feet smell of Wes's Keds. I bent over and rubbed my nose in his socks, sniffing the strong masculine smell of his feet and sweat. I made sure japan incest bbs I finished before he got back. He came back with a towel wrapped around his waist . I was afraid to future teens bbs look though because of the way he had reacted before. I sat at my desk looking at the wall, the smell of his ass and feet still on my face. The wet towel landed on my bed. I heard him getting dressed. "Come here." I walked over to where he stood in his boxers admiring this powerful jock arms in his sleeveless tee. He was holding the paper that I had rewritten. "You do all my reports from now on, and the school gets to keep me on the team. There's no reason for me to be wasting my time with this shit." He threw the paper on his desk. "You know I was last season's MVP and the team really needs me to win the championship. I'm just not replaceable." I was in awe of the jock and how incredible his athletic abilities were. "Now, you fucked up last night by not having your pants bbs cartoon 3d on in my presence. I am not going to forget that. But I will allow you to show respect for hentai teen bbs your superior. Get on your knees." Was he going to let me blow him? I knelt. pedo cp bbs He stood towering above me with his crotch level with my face. "I left a handkerchief on my desk yesterday freshman. What happened to it?" "I,,, uh,,, I,,,guess I have it." "Where?" he demanded. "I would have to take down my jeans to show you" I said. Wes looked down at me in disgust. "I am going to take a piss. When I get back , you be here on your knees with that handkerchief in your mouth." With that he turned and walked out.I quickly unzipped and got the cumrag out of my briefs. It was soaked with my cum my usenet nude bbs bbs getaway from just a few minutes ago mixed with sweat and my own and Wes's old cum. family porn bbs No longer stiff, the fabric was now soft and wet and the bbs lol teen pics old cumstains smelled strong. I put the whole thing in my mouth and zipped my jeans back up, waiting on my knees for Wes to return. cp pedo bbs The cumrag filled my mouth and tasted like the way a locker room and dirty cock and balls smell. Wes came back in. "Open your mouth." He looked down in satisfaction at the cumrag stuffed in my open russian model bbs mouth. "Now you know what showing respect means freshman." I stayed on my knees choking on the cumrag, swallowing the salty bitter taste of the saliva that trickled down my throat. bbs ilegall My knees were getting sore. Wes got dressed then laid back on his bed and watched tv for awhile. The dried cum was getting wetter and my mouth was all slimy from all of Wes's and my loads that had been shot in the handkerchief. After he had watched a tv show tgp bikini bbs Wes got up and started dressing. "Go get my coke" he ordered. I got to my feet and started to take the cumrag out of my mouth. "Keep it in." Wes said. I gulped down some more of the thick bbs torture liquid combination of spit bbs i young and old cum and went down the hall to get the coke from the fridge. Fortunately no one saw me.When I got back Wes was dressed in chinos and a light vee neck sweater that clung to his pecs and arm muscles. "Get something from my black bag and put the can on my desk" he said. I smelled all the odors of his body japanese teen tgp bbs mixed together as I unzipped the bag. One of Wes's big jockstraps was on top of the heap, sweaty and discolored with a few drops of piss. A black pubic hair was stuck in the pouch. I put nasty girls bbs the jockstrap on his desk with the coke can on top. Wes pointed to the sex bbs fozya floor. I dropped to my knees. He got his coke and sat back in bbs little boy sexs the armchair in front of the desk, turned away from it, so that I was kneeling at his feet. "Look at the floor" he top bbs porn ordered. He free naturist bbs was wearing sandals and his big feet and long perfectly formed toes made art photos bbs gateway me instantly hard again. Wes deserves respect. He is a jock. He is superior in every way. He is taller. His body is like a god. He is the best player on the team. Every girl on campus wants him to fuck her. His dick dark bbs top list is big. He is a natural leader and commander.As I knelt with his bbs wheel r1200c cumrag in my mouth looking at his feet I began to realize that I belonged there, demonstrating my respect for his superiority . The smell of a jock's ass and the taste of his old cumglobs are more than a queer deserves. virgins bbs 10yo Wes got up to leave. "You can get up after I go" he said. "And keep young bbs masturbating it in your mouth all night."CHAPTER bbs amateur forum FOUR , where the queer learns that jocks petite bbs teenager gets a free ride "Not there freshman," Wes said as I dropped to my knees the next day. "Under there." He pointed to his desk. top 100 model bbs I hurriedly got under his desk on my knees, facing russian young porn bbs out. I had to sit back on my calves and hunch over to fit under the desk. "Against the wall" Wes ordered. It was a wide desk, almost like a table and I scooted back till my toes touched the wall."Thats right freshman, show respect to your superior." bbs nonnude models Wes had let me take the cumrag out of my mouth in the morning. When I got out of bed, still in jeans of course, Wes told me it was time to show respect. That's when I dropped to my knees. Now he wanted me under his desk on my knees. Wes sat in the armchair. He was already teen bbs bbs dressed, in sweat pants and a tee shirt. He turned on the computer and I heard the dial-up modem connecting to online. He sat with his legs open, his muscular thighs on either gay boy bbs download side of me and his crotch about two feet from my face. He stayed there for thirty or forty minutes, sometimes typing slowly. bbs board teen Occasionally he reached down and scratched his balls through his sweatpants. All that time I got to look at his crotch and his bare feet and be in between his muscular tgp bbs vids jock legs. "Get out," bbs topless youg girl he said as he shoved nudist tgp bbs his armchair back and stood. I crawled out from under his desk and started to rise. "Stay on your knees freshman," said Wes. I looked down at the floor. "I got a date tonight with this chick Chris who is horny for my jock. There's a gray sweater in the store on _________ Street, I saw it preten girls bbs fotos in the window, my size. Pick that up and get me some beers and condoms, magnum ribbed." I finished dressing sex pic bbs quickly and went to do as told. I walked bbs japanese bondage to ________ Street and found the store. The sweater was there like Wes had described. It looked expensive. It was. lingerie hot movies bbs Wes hadnt given me any cash so I paid the with my credit card, swung over to the 7-11 for beers and then stopped in a drugstore and got the magnums for Wes's big dick. german pedo lollita bbs Altogether it came to about a hundred bucks. When I got back there was hot quality cp bbs a note on my bed. I recognized Wes's personalized note paper. "Shine my black shoes by 4 pm." I was already ptsc bbs board going to be late for history class, and another after that. I quickly emptied out one of my bags and put Wes's size 12 shoes asian bbs sex in with some polish and cloths. I could get it done if bbs ls forum I did it during the short break between classes. After history class was over I went quickly to the basement of the building. There's nothing forum bbs ru malyshok there but ranchi bbs post storage magic bbs girls rooms, except for a mens room that almost nobody uses. I went into a stall and closed the door. The toilets didnt have tanks in the back , there was just the bowl and the seat without any lid. I sat on the toilet and started to polish Wes's shoes. tiny angels photo bbs It was working out fine till I heard someone else come in. I quickly pulled my jeans and briefs down so it would look like I was taking a shit. He went into the second stall. The partition didnt go all the way down and I could see his jeans and boxers as he lowered them to his ankles and sat on the toilet. He must have been a jock like Wes cause his calves were full and solid. He sat with his legs apart. I bbs pornlinks sat on the toilet bbs photos girls with little angels bbs guestbook my pants down holding the shoe in my crotch and buffing it to a high polish while he took a crap. I was gettin polish on my legs and balls and hands. pedo bbs links The guy stood up and I heard him unroll the toilet paper several times while he wiped his ass, and kds bbs boys ls saw the used toilet paper portal gateway bbs fall in the bowl. He was standing but his pants and boxers were still down at his ankles. The smell of his shit was strong and hung in the air in the small room. He pulled up his boxers then his pants. He hawked up a big loogie and spit it on the floor in front of him. Then he just left. I heard the door swing shut behind him. I finished polishing the other 12yr bbs girl shoe, smelling the guy's crap. I wrapped Wes's shoes carefully in a clean cloth and put them in the bag , pulled my pants up and went to the sink to wash my hands. In the mirror I saw someone had used a marker to write graffiti in big letters on the partition in the other booth. I went closer, still smelling the shit the guy had left in the toilet. "Flush it russian boy bbs moves for me freshman" . Oh fuck! Who was the guy who was in here I wondered, and if he wrote this did he know I was a freshman? He MUST have wrote it, it was too image bbs angel much to be a coincidence. What if teen angels bbs it kdz bbs fuck was Wes? But that was impossible, the sneakers I saw under the partition werent his. And he was at the gym. I looked down naket preeten photo bbs kids bbs ls at the big logs and used toilet paper floating in piss and flushed the toilet. No time to think about it now. I went to my economics class and barely made it back to the room just before sex mpeg bbs 4 pm. I incest tgp bbs carefully put Wes's polished shoes back in the closet. There was another note on bbs teens nudes my desk. "DO THIS". It was attached to Sandra model bbs a writing assignment for geography. With this and my own assignments I would be spending all weekend doing schoolwork. And laundry.Wes shock bbs kds came in wearing the sweater I picked up for sex top kds bbs him. It showed off his upper body and looked as expensive as it was. He kicked off his shoes and examined the black shoes I had polished in the sven pages bbs cphc mens room. "Come over here." I stood in front of him as he looked at the shoes. "Down." I knelt. He bbs nudest spit on the toe of one of the shoes and rubbed it off on my face. "Thats better" he said, pleased with the polish. He put the shoes on, got the magnums from his drawer. Before he left for his date he admired his jock body in porno bbs forum the full length mirror. "Next time you get me a present have it gift-wrapped, freshman." to be continued in CHAPTER FIVE, the jock's guide to using a queer to entertain buds
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